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FAQ's - Kids' Physiotherapy Ltd


Parents often have a lot of questions, if yours isn't answered below then please do contact us.


When can my baby or child be seen?

We do not have a waiting list so appointments can often be often straight away. Please contact us.


Where will my baby or child be seen? Do you have a clinic?

Kids' physiotherapy offers children and their families treatment sessions in their own homes. We do not use a clinic as we believe this allows a familiar comfortable environment for your child and thus they will be more settled and get more from the sessions. There is no need for a long journey to an appointment and it can be made at a time that is convenient to you as a family.

Kids' physiotherapy is also able to offer school or nursery visits, if require. This allows assessment of the child in this different environment and specific advice or training to be provided to the carers or teaching staff.


What can I expect from my baby or child's first treatment session?

The first session will include a discussion between the Therapist and parents and child, of there current difficulties, any medical problems, what happened around the time of their birth and their early development and any medication. The therapist will ask for information on previous treatments received and for contact information of any other professionals involved with the child. An physical assessment will also be completed of the child, which may include range of movement, their muscle strength, spasticity (stiffness in their muscles) and their functional abilities. At the end of this first session the therapist will discuss further with you the options available.


Can my baby or child receive Physiotherapy from Kids' Physiotherapy if they have an NHS Physiotherapist?

Yes, children are entitled to access therapy from different sources. However, it is important that if therapy is provided from more than one source that there is consistent and similar goals so as not to confuse the child. In this situation Kids' physiotherapy will liaise with the NHS therapist in order to offer a programme that compliments the input your child is already receiving.

Children are entitled to free NHS physiotherapy treatment. We are able to supplement this or provide care whilst your child awaits NHS treatment.


How many sessions will my baby or child require?

Children, their condition, presenting problems and individual goals are all different. Therefore, there is great variation in the amount of input of child requires. Some children may require only an assessment, others a few sessions and some more. If you have further questions about the number of sessions require please contact us to discuss further.


Does my baby or child need to be referred by a doctor?

No, your child does not need a medical referral to receive Physiotherapy from Kids' Physiotherapy.


How long will the sessions be?

An initial assessment will be 60-90 minutes dependant on the child's age and condition. Follow-on treatment sessions are 1 hour.


What is your telephone number?

We prefer initial contact via the contact us form rather than via phone, we are often with patients and obviously unable to take calls. It also makes sure we have the contact details correct and all of the relevant details we require to respond promptly.


Do you accept medical insurance claims/payment?

Kids' physiotherapy has agreements in place with certain specific private health insurance providers, please contact us for further details.


How much does it cost?

We can offer fixed price assessment and treatments, please click for further information on Physiotherapy prices.


How do I pay the fees?

We accept payment by cheque, electronic bank transfer and Paypal.


How is my personal data handled?

All personal information is encrypted using a 768 bit symmetric key and kept strictly confidential.

Secure regular off site backups are taken of all electronic data.

All paper documentation is scanned electronically and then securely destroyed.

Your details will only be shared with other organisations and/or individuals following your prior consent.

Pictures or videos to demonstrate progress may be taken with your consent.

Access to medical records - We agree to supply copies of records to you or an authorised third party subject to receipt of the request in writing with your full signature.

We are registed under the data protection act. Registration Number: Z315592X


Do you have any vacancies for jobs?

Kids' Physiotherapy Ltd are a growing company who are always on the look out for highly qualified and experienced staff across all areas of children's Physiotherapy, from all around the region.

We believe in providing excellent care for children and want the very best staff to work for us. Work hours are flexible, based on a part time contract basis, if this is something that interests you then please click here to submit your curriculum vitae for our consideration.


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