Torticollis (child holding head to the side)

 Torticollis (child holding head to the side) - Kids' Physiotherapy Ltd


What is Torticollis?

Some young children and babies have a preference to consistently hold their head to one side. The most common causes for this are moulding in the womb during pregnancy or a traumatic delivery. If left untreated this can lead to the long term problems with limited neck movements and an obviously altered head /neck posture. The earlier treatment is provided (ideally less than one year) the better the long term outcome.



What treatment can Kids' Physiotherapy provide?

You will be taught how to stretch your child/baby’s neck in the correct, safe, and required way. You will also be given advice on what positions are good for your baby to play in with tips on how to encourage as much movement in all directions as possible. Please contact us for specific further details of assessment and treatments.


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