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What is developmental delay?

Developmental delay is when a baby or child does not meet the milestones that we expect of them.
Babies and children may present with mild delays in their motor development for a number of reasons including poor general health, periods of time spent in hospital, reduced exposure to different stimulation such as lack of tummy time or sometimes for no single obvious reason.
A child may also present with Global Developmental Delay which refers to children who present with significant/marked delay in their motor, social, speech and cognitive development. Some children may also have problems with their muscle tone and sensory impairments.


What are the effects of developmental delay?

Children learn about their environment through experiencing movement. As they move their bodies they are learning about space and practising their interaction and other skills. A child that is not able to move misses out on these opportunities for learning, a baby or child who is not able to move themselves and explore has a further limiting experience.

What treatment can Kids' Physiotherapy provide for developmental delay?

Assessment by a physiotherapist can provide advice of encouraging your child's motor and fine motor skills. This programme is tailor made for your child to reflect their own needs.

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