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Please note that Hydrotherapy pool availability in the region is very limited and thus sessions are not always able to be offerred.

What is Hydrotherapy/aquatic physiotherapy?

Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is a specially tailored therapy programme completed in a warm pool. This allows children to gain the benefits from the properties of the water and the expertise of the suitably qualified Physiotherapist.

Water allows your child freedom of movement, relief of pain or muscle spasm, the opportunity to improve their flexibility or joint range and the chance to improve their strength or endurance. More importantly exercises in water give a feeling of well being and are fun.

Kids' Physiotherapy are able to offer sessions at pools around the region. These sessions are dependent on pool availability and the suitability of your child to access both aquatic physiotherapy and the specific pools.


What treatment can Kids' Physiotherapy provide using hydrotherapy/aquatic physiotherapy?

Kids Physiotherapy is able to offer hydrotherapy sessions for your child. Please contact us for further details.


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